Crazy People Here

HD | 52 ; 90 | Documentary

film in Progress

Direction and script: Tamara Erde and Neta Shoshani

Production: Artline films, France

What began at Deir Yassin, ended at Kfar Shaul.

What began as a massacre, a wrongdoing, a symbol of occupation – ended in an insane

asylum, madness personified.

On the night of April 9th 1948 the village of Deir Yassin, an Arab village on the outskirts of Jerusalem,

was attacked by the Stern Gang and Irgun fighters. It was conquered in only a few

short hours.Over the years, on account of the horror stories, the“Deir Yassin Massacre” became both an Israeli and Palestinian ‘legend’. The events at Deir Yassin were engraved into the collective

Israeli and Palestinian psyches as an event of historic proportions – both in terms of independence

and sovereignty on the one hand, and of conquest on the other.

Different versions of the events and their consequences have been recounted over the

years and constitute a basis for bitter arguments still raging today.


pictures from: Crazy People Here