Documentary. 45 min. HD.

Slovenia, 2012

Galibor” is a voyage in current political Slovenia.

In the midst of the political changes and restless, the economic crisis and the cultural and social changes following the participation in the EU and the independence, the film meets several different characters, and portrays through this encounters, the way these changes are interpreted and lived by them.

The characters, each from a different background, age and experience, are exposing their disappointments, their dreams, and their struggles. Their feelings and thoughts, that are on the one hand, very specific to the time and place, are on the other hand, very familiar are echo to the global current situation of the western citizens in many other countries.

Amongst the main characters are Jaka, a nine years old child who was born to independent Slovenia and dreams of being a secret agent to serve it, Goran, the singer and founder of the veteran rock&roll band “Demolition group”, Ticho Mila, an ex-partisan in the second world war and an activist in the current demonstrations calling for revolution, Franc Kangler, the mayor of the city of Maribor who is criticized by the inhabitants of committing corruptions, and is bound to a massive and exceptional objection from the public, Rafo Pinoza, a priest who is celebrating his freedom of speech and expression after the restricting communism, and more.

The film was produced by “The guest room Maribor” and directed by Tamara Erde; as the residency project of 2012 – the Guest room’s yearly residencies as part of the European Capital of Culture events in Maribor.

pictures from: Galibor