Documentary | DV | 20 min.| 2008
Director, Scriptwriter and cameraman: Tamara Erde
Producer: Laliv Melamed
Music: Dori Adar | Edting: Idit Aloni | Sound: Oren Roz

The documentary film “Rober” is a video documentation of a personal journey I did during 2007.

I never knew my father. I was one year old when he died and my mother never talked to me about him. Neither have I asked, it was an agreeable silence.

At the age of twenty four I felt that it was time to know. I went to a journey trying to understand who he was through the people who knew him and the houses where he lived.

I’ve both directed, held the interviews and photographed the whole time as it was important for me to preserve my real, temporal point of view of me, and the development of my journey and i wanted to expose the viewers to this experience as directly as possible.

At first I interviewed my mother, who’s giving me information for the first time, and then I had some clues. From there on I move between the three countries where he used to live – France, Israel and Chicago.

Slowly, I began to realize who he was, and accordingly- who I am.


On the train back from Alba with Michel Weston I started to understand what I was looking for.

“It takes a lifetime to understand someone’s life” he told me, and I realized that this is not what I want. I don’t necessarily want to understand. But, I recognized the power of the tools I have, of the media, of my art. And this power is not in getting answers. This is not Philosophy or Physics. The power of the art is in reviving. In creating worlds and characters, in bringing back to life or visualizing .

And this is what I want- to bring him back to life for a few minutes, or an hour or as much as my movie will be.

Without going into complicated psychologies or endless questions. This is simple- I want the movie to be him, to create a visual and tangible “him” for a few minutes on the screen.

The voyage I’ve started is bringing him back to life as well, it survs as such for all the people who i’ve met and knew him, but not yet for me. At this point for me he’s still fractals, pieces of information, different point of views.

But from all this fractals and point of views I’m going to create him. And then, thereafter, he’ll return to be dead, but this time his death will take with him his absence inside me, because then I’ll have a father for a couple of minutes. A father from fractal of other memories, a father on screen, but still- it’s a lot.

pictures from: Rober