Very Heavy Stones

Documentary | DV | 50 min.|
Direction, d.o.p and script: Tamara Erde
Production: Noa Levi
Editing: Idit Aloni, Elia Reis
Original Music: Harold Rubin, Harel Shraiber

Tamar Borer, a Butoh dancer and choreographer was hurt in a car accident which left her on a wheel chair for the rest of her life. Yet, she manages to develop an approach to dancing which allows her to almost ignore her limitation and leave it irrelevant. The film documents her work on a new show focusing on the complexity in which her strength, her limitation and her life reflects in her creation.

In her new show, “Bardo”, she works with two other people- the 73 years old painter and clarinet player Harold Rubin, and the young circus acrobat Roi Sandrovich. The big differences of age and conceptions between the three create a special dynamics of unity and individuality side by side.


pictures from: Very Heavy Stones