Dance and video performance by Tamara Erde and Tamar Borer
Direction: Tamara Erde and Tamar Borer
Choreography and dance: Tamar Borer
Video: Tamara Erde
Ligthing design: Tamar Orr
Costumes: Orin Linder

A dance and video 50 min. performance that deals with the disturbing contradictions between basic human values and

the harsh political reality that worsens with the passing of time.

The performance is based on a complex dialogue between the two mediums, film and
performance, while each represents alternately an inner reality and a political one.

The videos are filmed in Jerusalem and other areas of conflict in the
occupied territories, such as: the separation wall in the Palestinian village of Abu Dis,
Hebron, the old city of Jerusalem, the entrance of Jericho, and the border with Gaza.
Some of the locations are filmed with a documentary approach, and others are staged.

The performer appears on stage as well as in some of the videos, where she expresses
an inner state of mind that is derived from her frictions with the physical and mental
places documented on the video.

“This work must be one of the more refined political dance performances that have been created here in years. Far from using clich├ęs, Borer and Erde use unforgettable visual images stronger than words, exquisitely esthetic and powerful.”

(Jerusalem Post/Ora Brafman)

pictures from: ANA