Isaora Hun

A multi-disciplinary project for stage and video by Tamara Erde and Tamar Borer.
Performers: Tamar Borer, Vera Goldman, Michal Gil, Yousef Swaid, Roi Sandrovich.

Isaora Hun reflects seven states of dreams where each one expresses a different psycho-physical state that consists of physical, emotional and abstract sensations.

On stage there are five performers: The dreamer and four other figures that represent different aspects of her personality.

The dreamer appears on the two medias- on video and on stage.

The video creates the narrative of each dream while the performers express the inner sensations of the dreams on stage.

Along the show an interactive relationship is created with the audience. Whet entering the performance space, each person receives a personal video screen on which parts of the video are presented during the show. Some props of the performance set are handed to the audience during the show. At the end of the show the theatre becomes a Gallery space where the audience is invited to view some visual elements that become traces which represent the various dreams.

“Everything I see perceives its content in a dreamy space. Every time we close our eyes we are granted the ability to escape the everyday space and ponder upon our life from a distance”. (Italo Calvino, from “The invisible cities”)

pictures from: Isaora Hun