The Mando Project

An 8 Parts site specific performance.
Produced by Waddenart foundation.
Photos by Stan Coenders

Concentrating on the island of Mando, on its specific history, population and nature,I was sicking to research the idea of traces of houses, of shelters, and the souvenirs they leave.


My work process was constructed from several stages, starting with touring the area of the island I’ve try to register the sound of conversations with inhabitants, describing their personal territory and memories from this land, their home.


As the performer, I worked with movement based on improvisation and space-time transmission, with the soundtrack and the path of elements, evolving each day. Starting from a very static and small point at the first day, gradually turning to work with longer and walking movements along the path.

Choosing a quote of someone for each performance, for each day, I construct an eight phases performance, each day in another point of the island, with another theme in this journey of mine: From the need to survive, through the Horizons, wind, etc., and finally getting back to the Ship, to the sea,where it all starts.


At the first day in Mando, what fascinated me mostly was how much freedom does the earth here has.

An independent ground, that exists by itself, for itself. It does not belong to anyone, and no man belongs to it. They live, side by side, humans, and this ground.

Coming from Palestine, where the ground belongs to everyone, all the time, where humans and ground are sucking each other’s bones, spilling each other’s blood, this was a refreshing view.

And so, this place, this island of Mando, has given me back the belief that there is still more ground left untouched, far from men’s held, from its need of control, An earth and men living side by side. And I thank this island for this.


pictures from: The Mando Project