Distant Traces

Distant traces follows, in photographs, sound and texts, a few stories of immigrants living in Paris.

Through portraits and conversation with the immigrants, some arrived recently, and some have been living in Paris for years, the artist, an immigrant herself, wishes to find out with them – what traces have been left from their countries of origin, what have been put aside and left with the time, what can never go away.

Objects, language, images smells – what of all those traces do they carry with them and which new ones they adopt.

How do they see themselves, identify their nationality, their presence, in the distance of years. What does it take to become part of the society you are living in.

In the portraits series “Distant traces” Tamara is trying to portray those absences, memories and wishes of people dislocated from their homeland in different stages of their life.

The series of portraits, all taken in the people’s house and rooms are accompanied by texts from the conversation with them, presented together in an installation that aims to capture as well the delicate and slippery spirit of traces from another, faraway place.

Alongside the portraits are, hand written on the walls, texts from the people’s memories, stories, ideas.

The exhibition is accompanied by a sound installation, a whitened suitcase, containing black water from which a sound is coming up. The sound, which the visitor is invited to hear in earphones, was especially composed by Aleksi Ranta, and mixed by Cédric Lionnet.

The photos were presented in premier in Gallery ShortCuts, Namur, on September 2013.