Video dance | 5:03 min | DV | 2009
By Tamara Erde and Tamar Borer
Dance: Tamar Borer
Photography: Tamara Erde
Music: Eric Satie

The work expresses a compelled inner state of mind, an asylum.

Placed on a white square, a woman crashes into her inner disturbances.

Thrown between the edges of the square, she sees at the corner of her eye a TV Screen that shows the same image over and over again. This image is yet another factor that makes it more difficult for her to get rid of her compulsive thoughts.

In his state, she recalls moments from other times.

Near by, there lays a big, comforting, white dog with a mute promise of happiness.

But she cannot see it, and falls back into her abyss again and again.

pictures from: Elbowless