Forgotten Oceans

Video | HD | 16 min. | Spain, 2011
Production: CASIS, El Fiorn de La Calc, Spain
Direction, Script, Camera: Tamara Erde
Dancers/Actors: Abdelatif Belhaj, Roser Oduber, Ran Nachmias
Music: Ran Nachmias

Forgotten Oceans is an experimental dance film, that follows a series of artistic researches and conducted by Tamara Erde around the theme of Physical memories of spaces.

The film concentrate on theĀ  theme of exile as Tamara transmits it to her visual and choreographically language.

For this film, Tamara collected testimonies from people in different countries and living environments, regarding their memories of their primal, first Home.

Those memories, documented by her in video, were a starting point to a choreographically and physical research, aiming to find, with the dancer, the way our body transmits and absorbs those memories related to spaces and its memories from spaces.

The film was shot during a residency in the CASIS arts center, situated in a rural forest, and the original music and soundtrack were recorded in place, with natural especially constructed instruments.

pictures from: Forgotten Oceans