Saras and Bobs

Singers: Johana Levin and Hadara Levin Aradi

The installation is based on Bob Dylan’s son called “Sara”, and is dealing with the different phases of the couple presented in this song, as a reflection on different anonymous couples, regarding the home space as the reference and playground.

The installation is divided into three small spaces, each one telling the story of the couple in a different stage, while in each part a different singer is singing the song which is projected in a video on one of the house elements that are in the space.

On the walls of each part are hanged the photographs of Saras and of Bobs I chose. Each space has a dominant color on which are all the elements in it are colored.


This is the space reflecting the couple after the breakup- the stage of the song itself. The space is all white.

The installation is dealing with the relation between the home, private space and the mutual life of a couple especially around expectations. The starting point is Bob Dylan’s song called “Sara”.

When i was little i used to hear this song and imagine Sara and Bob sitting each in their room, waiting for the other.

And now, i wanted to find my Saras and Bobs- anonymous people, women called Sara and men called Bob, and i took pictures of them- each one sitting in his\her room, waiting for something else.

They all gave me a tiny look at their intimate space and to document their sitting and expecting for something i could only imagine.

And as the freezing of waiting, so does the camera, extracting even more this freezing. And from their spaces and houses i move to the space of the gallery- creating corners of rooms each in a different color and objects remaining from this memory of freezing the time in a personal space.


The different parts were presented in NY studio Gallery, New-York, and PS8 Gallery, Tel-Aviv.

pictures from: Saras and Bobs